Meet Nina

Nina is a Travel Photographer and Editorial Director for her brand, With over ten years of experience in social media and digital marketing for corporate brands, Nina brings her expertise to help travel brands build their presence and leverage social media for growth and acquisition of new customers.

She has a passion for creating beautiful travel and lifestyle content, and through her experience as a commercial photographer, she helps brands bring their stories to life. In addition to her corporate experience, she has her MBA (with a focus in marketing) from the University in Utah.

Currently based in Utah for the past seven years, Salt Lake City has become home. With the stunning landscape of Utah and a hub for a major US airline, it’s the right place to be based. Before that, she lived in San Francisco for a few years and is a native of St. Louis where she continues to visit often.

When not on the go (which is rare) you will find Nina at home with her better half, Skylar, and their two dogs, Sophie, a Yorkie, and Rufus, a Golden Retriever.

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