Why You Should Visit Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville has become the number one destination in the US for bachelorette parties, but you don’t have to be a bride to spend a great weekend in Nashville. I recently traveled there for a work trip and was able to maximize my free time in this southern city. It wasn’t my first time visiting Nashville, but it’s been a good ten years since I was last there and a lot has changed since.


What I love about Nashville

Nashville is easy to get around. While you need a car if you want to explore the different neighborhoods and the home architecture of Brentwood and Franklin, it is still relatively easy to drive the city. Everything is 10 to 20 minutes from each other unless it’s rush hour. It’s like any typical city that experiences rush hour, but it’s nothing like Los Angeles and San Francisco, so if you factor that in you’ll be just fine.


Tips for Visiting Nashville

Nashville has charming neighborhoods, each with character. You have neighborhoods like 12th South and Hillsboro Village with trendy restaurants, charming cafes, and perfect post-work cocktail spots. Then you have established neighborhoods like Franklin and Brentwood that have stunning white brick mansions with sprawling lawns and endless eye candy for the architecture-loving soul.

And if you’re in the party mood and you do happen to be in town for a bachelorette or any other party-related occasion, you have Broadway downtown where you can join the rest of the sash-crew on any weekend and fit right in with the party scene.

And let’s not forget, they don’t call it Music City for anything. Whether you’re a country fan or not, it’s worth a trip to the Grand Ole Opry, and make sure to do the backstage tour. I had the opportunity to be backstage because the CEO of my company was performing that night, alongside significant acts like Rascal Flatts.

Here are some photo highlights from my recent trip to Nashville including 12 South (Draper James, Imogene + Willie, Bartaco) and Acme Feed and Seed in downtown Nashville.

While researching for this trip I found a great resource called Nashville Guru. Here’s a link to their neighborhood section where they break it down by area, which is something I personally love since I like to explore neighborhoods when I travel.




Quaint storefronts, charming and vibrant neighborhoods, and endless music filling up the air, here are all the reasons Nashville needs to be in your USA bucket list! #Travel #Nashville #Tennessee #USATravel #USADestinations
Music, boho vibes, and charming neighborhoods are just a few of the things that make Nashville such a quaint city. Thinking of your next destination? Here are twelve pictures of my time in the Music City that will inspire you to put it in your USA travel bucket list. #Nashville #Tennessee #USATravel #Getaways
Nashville is booming as a bachelorette party destination, but you don’t need to be a bride to spend an incredible weekend in Nashville. Here’s why you need to make the Music City your next getaway! #Nashville #Tennessee

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