Rue Crémieux - The Most Instagrammable Street in Paris

If you're a fan of Notting Hill in London, Italy's island of Burano, or just color in general, Rue Crémieux will quickly become one of your favorites as well. 


Situated in the 12th arrondissement, between Rue de Lyon and Rue de Bercy, Rue Crémieux is a quaint, colorful residential street. Keyword: residential! Each house is a different color with colorful shutters and window boxes. It'a a photographer-blogger-instagrammers dream, and is often filled with people taking photos.  

During our stroll through, we noticed a few residents sitting out in front of their houses, reading a book, enjoying a cup of coffee, etc. And while few houses did maintain 'no photography' signs, most residents seemed to be quiet and ok with the traffic. 

My recommendation: Definitely pop in for a few photos, but be mindful that it is a residential street so capture your photos quickly and move on to your next photo spot as soon as you can! 

Below is a sampling of photos from our stroll through! Enjoy!