Planners to Help You Stay Organized While On-The-Go

In a busy, technologically driven world, it’s essential to have planners to help keep you organized while you’re on the go. As we’ve moved deeper and deeper into a digitally driven world, I’ve found myself finding it necessary to have more and more things written out on paper. There’s a sense of productivity that comes with writing, especially when the focus is keeping organized. I’m the kind of person that writes something on my to-do list after I’ve done it so that I can see it checked off. There’s a visual sense of accomplishment that the Notes app on my iPhone doesn’t suffice.

I’ve been a long time user of Erin Condren planners. My friend Georgena introduced me to the brand back in 2009, and I’ve been pretty loyal ever since. Erin Condren was one of the first planner brands to really make beautiful, stylistic, colorful planners. I ended up getting to meet Erin during a small group mentor session at Create & Cultivate LA in 2015, and that furthered my interest in her brand. In recent years she’s diversified her product offerings, and some of my favorite planners are now her Petite Planners. They come in a few styles – and for a few different needs (think budgets, daily, monthly, goals, etc. – but what I love most is the size of them. They’re super portable and don’t take up a lot of bulk, which is key for how much I travel.

Erin Condren PetitePlanners

I use three of the PetitePlanner series to help stay organized. I have a yearly Life Planner, but it’s a pretty large planner. While it’s great for detailed planning and days where I’m in the office, I find myself gravitating to a simpler planner that I can carry with me all the time.

PetitePlanner Daily Planner

The PetitePlanner Daily Planner has become my go-to now. It’s a daily planner that holds three months at a time. You can purchase one at a time, or a set of four for the entire year (available early on each year). I find that it gives me ample space to write my daily meetings, to-do lists, appointments, and planning, as you get a full page per day. But it quickly can be thrown into a purse, tote, or travel bag without a lot of weight adding to the mix.

PetitePlanner Travel Journal

When it comes to planning for a trip, I like to stay as organized as possible. I always have a packing list (otherwise I tend to forget things) and a general list of ideas/photography spots in mind for my destination.

I’ve been using the Travel Journal to stay organized for my longer trips. When it comes to quick work trips, I tend not to need to write everything down because I don’t differentiate much in what I bring.

I have my suitcase and belongings down to a T when it comes to this kind of stuff. But when I’m headed out on anything that’s typically longer than four days, I want to make sure that I do not forget anything important, whether it’s a piece of technology or a place I want to hit up.

The Travel Journal is divided into a few sections for each trip. The first covers reservations and to do’s. Basically all of your flight, hotel, car, etc. confirmations as well as space to list out your to do lists to prep for the week before and the day before. I love these, because I have a certain set of things I do in advance of each trip and this serves as a checklist.

The second page is a full-page packing list divided into essentials, clothing, toiletries, technology, and others.

The next section has multiple pages of each to allow you to record your experiences. It’s a two page spread and on the left page you list what you did, what you wore, any reservations, and meals. The right page documents your favorite moments, and provides black space for any highlights you want to list, as well as an expenses tracker for each day. Going on a busy work expense driven trip? That expense tracker could come in handy!

At the end of the book, there are some blank notes pages in a dot style, and it also comes with one sheet of stickers. You can track four full weeks of travel using this planner. I travel enough to go through a few journals per year, but I use these for my larger trips that I want to be able to look back on.

PetitePlanner Budget Book

Let’s face it, travel is expensive, and running a business is even more costly. I have a lot of monthly expenses, many of which are subscription services and automated payments that get charged directly to my Amex. I made it a top priority to focus on budgeting in 2019. Skylar and I have some larger expenses coming up that we’ve been planning for, so I’ve looked for ways to be more mindful about how I spend each dollar.

The Budget Book letsyou track monthly financials including income, savings, housing, food, utilities, personal, auto, entertainment, medical, and other debts. I’ve had a mix of higher medical expenses, business purchases, and travel expenses, so this has been nice to help visualize all money coming in and out each month.

I highly recommend purchasing the Budget Bundle. It comes with a few extra items in addition to the book: productivity notepad, three marker set, functional stickers, and decorative stickers (the original book comes with these as well).

Stickers & Accessories

In addition to beautiful planners, Erin Condren offers many stickers and accessory options to enhance your planners. Some of my favorites include the Decorative Packs for the Budget Book and the Travel Journal. They’re relatively inexpensive to purchase (only $5.50 for each pack) so it’s worth picking up a few to enhance your planners.

Have you been using Petite Planners? If so, tell me in the comments how they’ve helped you stay organized!


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    May 2, 2019 / 4:56 pm

    Oh I love planners and organizational tools! Esp when theyre cute like these

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    May 3, 2019 / 10:40 am

    I love planners! I spend way to much of my day looking at and decorating my planner.

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    May 3, 2019 / 2:41 pm

    I absolutely love Erin Condren planners! The cute designs don’t hurt either.

  4. May 6, 2019 / 8:41 am

    These planners are SO cute! Obsessed with these colors!

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