Park City Staycation: A Weekend at the Waldorf


It's no secret that just 30 minutes from Salt Lake City is one of the worlds most famous ski towns, Park City, Utah. Park City is a premier destination for skiers but what most don't realize is that it has just as much to offer (and may appeal to some more) in the summer than the winter. In September, we had the opportunity to spend a weekend at the Waldorf Astoria Park City and experience a luxury staycation. 

In partnership with the Waldorf, we had the wonderful opportunity to spend a fall weekend there. As many locals know September weather can be beautiful and warm one day, and rainy, snowy, and cold the next. We ended up exeriencing the latter with one of those crazy weekends! On Saturday it was rainy, and by Sunday we woke up to snow. 

One-Night Weekend Itinerary

  • Saturday at Noon: arrive in Park City after 45-minute drive from Salt Lake Valley
  • 2 pm: Couples massages at the Waldorf Spa followed by lunch at the spa. (If you book afternoon treatments, we recommend you have lunch before!)
  • 3 pm: Relax, take a nap, enjoy the outdoor pool and hot tub 
  • 7 pm: Dinner at Powder
  • 9 pm: Retreat for the night or head down to Main Street (ten minutes away) for some nightlife. 
  • Sunday morning: Breakfast at Powder
  • Sunday afternoon: Pool or activity time before heading back to SLC. See below for recommendations.

Note: If you're looking to spend more time at the resort, we recommend checking in Friday afternoon so you can have a full day to spend outdoors or relaxing on Saturday.


Spa Experience

I can easily say the highlight of our weekend was the spa experience. We arrived just in time for our couples massage, followed by lunch at the spa. I've had a lot of massages but I can easily say the one I had here (from the quality of the massage to the experience overall) was one of the best I've ever had. Our recommendations: arrive early and enjoy all that the spa has to offer. If you're a female, you're in luck because the Waldorf Spa has heated chairs that you can relax in before or after treatments. In my opinion, it's a perfect place to fall asleep! 

The spa is probably going to be one of the on-site activities that you should splurge on! While the prices may seem a bit steep in comparison to your average massage, keep in mind the amenities, quality of service, and spa that you are paying for. It's not your typical experience and it's worth the extra spend. To see all the services they offer, click here.


Dining Experience 

We dined at the main restaurant, Powder, for two meals (dinner and breakfast) during our stay. When we walked up to the restaurant, they already knew who we were. Everyone was very friendly and the food was excellent. Fun fact! If you didn't know, red velvet originated at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC back in the fifties, and it was first created in the form of a cupcake! If you have dessert, you must get the red velvet cake! We ordered a variety of food at dinner. We recommend having your own salads to start, sharing a second course (we opted for the ravioli pictured below), and then your own entrees. Get two desserts to share because you can't really go wrong there!


Is it really affordable? The answer is yes.

Rooms at the Waldorf range from $279 to $3000 per night. During spring and fall, $279 room rates are available, and this is a great time to take advantage of the experience without spending $3000 a night as one would during peak season, winter. During summer, rates average around $400 per night. Given the vast difference between $400 and $3000 in rates, you really can't go wrong by paying a weekend visit to the Waldorf during spring, summer, or fall. 

Even though Park City is very accessible from Salt Lake and nearby counties, it is a true ski town and feels very distant, making it an ideal place for a weekend getaway. And without airfare being a consideration, for the experience you get, it is very doable. 

Recommended Activities

If you want to experience a weekend unique to the Waldorf, here are a few recommendations for outdoor activities, directly from the experts at the Waldorf.


  • Canyons Village concerts on Saturday nights followed by late night food and brews at Waldorf Astoria Park City’s Beer Garden
  • Park Silly Market on Main Street on Sundays, inquire about touring the market with its “Silly” Founders as an exclusive partner perk with the hotel
  • Mountain bike or hike on over 300 acres of trails at Park City Resort or take their complimentary hotel shuttle to Deer Valley to test out their world-class trail systems


  • Take a “Brew Master tour” of Park City Brewery with head-Brewer, Jeremy Ray. The tour includes tastings, exploring the hops and brew process, and canning/packaging overview all at Park City Brewery’s taproom. Make sure to try our very own brew, Pow Day, on tap which is the only custom beer of the Waldorf Astoria collection. This is an exclusive experience for Waldorf Astoria Park City guests.
  • Tee off through Mid-October on Canyons Golf Course, an incredible course winds through 97 acres in the heart of Canyons Village footprint, featuring over 550 feet of elevation change with spectacular views of the Wasatch and Uinta Mountains.
  • Bring your fur children to Park City and stay at Waldorf Astoria “Bark” City and hike with your dog on nearby off-leash areas such as Round Valley or the specialized “Run-A-Muk” trail.

Our stay was sponsored by the Waldorf Park City, however all opinions are our own. 

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Park City Staycation: How to spend a Luxury Weekend at the Waldorf Park City without the expense
Park City Staycation: How to spend a Luxury Weekend at the Waldorf Park City without the expense