Malibu Farm Restaurant


Malibu is one of my favorite places in Southern California. With its gorgeous coastal scenery, cliffside views, and dramatic ocean waves, it's a dreamland for many, and a home for the wealthy. If you happen to be on vacation in LA, it's a perfect day escape. And while you may not leave the traffic behind (the 101 can get very crowded), you will undoubtedly trade the heat in for cooler ocean temperatures. 

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Situated on the Malibu Pier, is Malibu Farm, a group of restaurants with four locations, two of which happen to be on the Pier itself. At the start of the Pier is Malibu Farm Restaurant, with table service, a full bar, and dinner reservations. At the end of the Pier is Malibu Farm Cafe, with counter service, beer and wine, and is walk-in only. Depending on your mood, you'll probably prefer one over the other, but no matter which you choose, you won't be disappointed by the views or the food.

Malibu Farm Restaurant

  • At the start of the Malibu Pier
  • Table service
  • Full bar
  • Accepts dinner reservations (no reservations for lunch)

Malibu Farm Cafe

  • Counter service
  • Beer and wine only
  • Walk-in only (no reservations)
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Whatever you choose, it'll be a good meal and worth your visit - even if just to snap a few pictures. And make sure you pop into the store that's situated right across from the Cafe at the end of the Pier. I picked up some cute Malibu themed items, none of which felt touristy. 

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