London and Paris Floral Favorites

There’s something about florals in photos that just make me smile. I’ve always said I wanted to live somewhere where I could have a house exterior that doted gorgeous flowers and blooms most of the year. Well since I’m not moving to California or Charleston anytime soon, I figured I’d go ahead and round up some of my favorite photos our July trip to London and Paris.

I hope you enjoy them, because curating this post has done nothing but make smile.


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It’s no secret that I love florals. I’ve put together a perfect gallery of all the pretty flower-covered buildings and entrances I found around London in Paris for some serious floral inspiration. #Paris #London #Floral #FlowerPalette #FloralMoodboard
Dreaming of spring? Both London and Paris are the perfect destinations if you love to swoon over incredible flower-covered buildings and vines. #Paris #London #Flowers #Floral #Inspiration
London and Paris are both incredible destinations if you constantly geek out at perfect flower arrangements. I’ve put together a gallery of my fav flower shots from both cities to give you some serious flower inspiration for your creative projects! #Moodboard #Florals #FlowerArrangements #Paris #London

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