Eiffel Tower Photo Spots

Yes, it's the most cliché thing to do, but no trip to Paris would be complete without a stroll through the Jardins du Trocadéro and Champ de Mars to capture photos of the beautiful Eiffel Tower. 

This was our second visit to Paris together, with Skylar's first being over eight years ago. Needless to say our photography style (and camera equipment) have changed quite a bit over the years. Last tine I was in Paris, it was February so a coat was very necessary. So given that this trip took place over summer, we decided to capture some new photos of the iconic Paris beauty.

Over the last few trips, I've photographed the Eiffel Tower from a few different locations beyond just straight on. In this blog post I'm sharing some of those iconic locations so you can get the best photos on your trip. 


If you're taking the Metro or an Uber, exit the Trocadéro station and head towards the Eiffel Tower. As you pass through the Palais de Chaillot, you'll come to stairs that lead down towards the Eiffel Tower. Those stairs make the perfect photo spot to post in front of the Tower. The only thing, it can be a bit scary! In the photos below, you can see my hand gripping the side of the wall since it was a bit high up, and I was a tad scared! I wish I would have noticed, I wouldn't have gripped it so hard. But, it did make for some great photos. Once you get to the bottom of the stairs, you have another spectacular center view of the Eiffel Tower.

Rue de l'Université

On the East side of the Eiffel Tower is Rue de l'Université. If you put in 228 Rue de l'Université it will take you directly to this spot. Alternatively, if you're walking from Trocadéro and heading towards the Eiffel Tower, the construction going on nearby and below the tower will actually take you on this side of the Tower, making it relatively easy to make this your second spot. 

Champ de Mars

The Champ de Mars is the Park that surrounds the Eiffel Tower on it's Southeast side. There are a number of different spots in this area to capture beautiful photos of the Eiffel Tower. While an iconic photo of it straight on is necessary, I find the most interesting ones to be off center, as shown below. 

If you happen to be in Paris during summer, you'll see the park is lined with beautiful flowers. I was able to capture some of my most favorite shots here. Between the sunset glow and the colors, I was pretty excited about these images. 


Arc du Triomphe

Want something different? Head on over to the rooftop of the Arc du Triomphe and you can capture an entirely different perspective of Paris! 


Here are some additional photos from this trip. 


There are definitely additional places to capture the beauty of the Eiffel Tower including many hotels with balconies and terraces that overlook the tower. These are just a sampling from my recent trip, and I will continue to update this blog post on future travels as I capture more photos. If you've been to Paris and would love to share your recommendation of an Eiffel Tower Photo Spot, shoot me a message here, and we can discuss!