#ColorObsessed: The Bright Colors of Fall

If you know a thing or two about me, hopefully from following along here or on Instagram, you’ve probably quickly realized my obsession for color. In my first installment of a new series titled, #ColorObsessed, I share some of my favorites from the stunning bright colors we’ve experienced in Northern Utah this fall.

Ever visited Utah in the fall? You may have quickly learned that our fall is short-lived. Utah is known for it’s long, snowy winter that appeals to skiers, and it’s dry hot summers. But in between, we only end up with a short spring and an even shorter fall. 

In my almost seven years here, I’ve never experienced a fall as red as this years, so when I heard the colors were peaking, I was excited to get out and explore some of this gorgeous color! The maples peaked about a week ago (late September/early October) and the Aspens are peaking now (and throughout the next week).

We drove up to the Logan area, about 2 hours north of Salt Lake City, and explored two canyons: Logan Canyon (between Logan and Bear Lake) and Blacksmith Fork Canyon (on the South side of Logan). 


If you plan to visit Utah to see some of this gorgeous color, I recommend booking late September/early October. By mid-October, the color will be gone and the leaves will have fallen. 

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