Birthday Lunch at the Ivy Los Angeles

If there’s ever been an iconic lunch spot in Los Angeles, it’s The Ivy. Known for its colorful, iconic decor, The Ivy is one of the most frequented spots in LA. It’s one of those places that just sort of transports you to a different time, in a good way. It was the perfect spot for a birthday lunch to celebrate my 35th birthday.

We opted to do a Friday lunch there, and I booked reservations on OpenTable. I 100% recommend you book reservations. Just from observation in the past few times, I’ve been there, I’ve noticed the wait can get pretty long, especially if you want to go during a popular time. Like any popular place in LA, it’ll have a wait. So book one, so you can ensure you aren’t waiting there, hangry!

Should you have to wait, there are a few ways you can kill time. They serve champagne on the house, so it’s easy to kill time with a glass of bubbly. The Ivy is located on Robertson, so there are plenty of shops around to browse while you wait. It’s pretty easy to do a lot of damage in that area. I opted to drink champagne while I waited so my bank account didn’t drain itself, HA!

The Ivy itself is a splurge. You can expect lunch to be well over $100 for two, and closer to $150 if you’re going to have a cocktail. It’s not a place I would go all the time, but it’s worth it for the once-in-a-while occasion such as a birthday or other celebration.

We enjoyed champagne, arnold palmers, a burrata salad to share, and I had a penne pasta as my entree. It was delicious, as you can tell from the pictures!

Once you’re finished with lunch, be sure to pop in next door to their store Indigo Seas. It’s full of colorful decor, much like the Ivy itself. I plan to come back and grab a few colorful pieces once we move into our next home! It’s also an excellent spot to kill time if you have to wait for your table!

Have you been to The Ivy before? Did you enjoy it? I’d love to hear about your experience, or any other famous LA restaurant, in the comments below!

Wondering where to have brunch in Los Angeles? We fell in love with this restaurant which also happens to be one of the most Instagrammable locations in LA! #LA #California
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