The Five Best Photo Editing Apps

As a travel photographer, I am frequently asked which photo editing apps I use. While 95% of my editing for my work is done on my computer, I often refer to apps for editing photos for Instagram Stories, or for minor adjustments that I notice once I’m getting ready to post a picture on my Instagram feed.


Here I’ve compiled the list of my five best photo editing apps that are available in both iPhone and Android.

Editing photos is a huge part of my job

The Five Best Photo Editing Apps

A Color Story

A Color Story is my top most used photo editing app. For Instagram stories, I want my photos to appear bright and colorful, and I run every photo and almost every video through this app before posting on Instagram stories.

My most used preset packs for mobile are Picnic, Flashes of Delight, and Journey. Another bonus, they also make presets and actions for Lightroom and Photoshop for the desktop! The app itself is free, however preset packs cost extra, but they’re worth every penny!

A Color Story for iPhone | A Color Story for Android


Adobe Lightroom CC

Lightroom for desktop is my go-to photo editing software, so it’s nice to have the same app for mobile. I mainly use this for color correction, as I find that it’s a bit superior to any other apps for color editing. If the white balance feels too blue or yellow, I always run my photos through this first before applying any filters or doing any other edits. Another bonus? Many photographers have created mobile presets which you can purchase and use directly in this app to achieve incredible editing results. This photo editing app is free, and there are in-app purchases. However, I’ve never had to pay for anything to use the main functionality that I need.

Lightroom for iPhone | Lightroom for Android


Touch Retouch

Need to remove an unwanted object, distraction, or a pesky flyaway? Touch Retouch is my go-to for minimal object removal edits while I am editing on mobile. While nothing will replace the capabilities of Photoshop, Touch Retouch is an excellent option for object removal on the go. The app costs $1.99.

Touch Retouch for iPhone | Touch Retouch for Android



Sometimes my photos need a bit of vibrancy, and when I feel that I haven’t achieved the final edit, I will run my pictures through Snapseed’s Ambiance tool, which will give it that extra bump it needs. Snapseed also has many filters, known as looks, that you can apply directly to your photos. I find that these are a bit too much regarding editing on my photos, but they are a good option if you want to explore some new edits. This photo editing app is free.

Snapseed for iPhone | Snapseed for Android



While VSCO isn’t my main go-to anymore, it is still an industry standard and great for photo editing, especially if you like moodier edits. Their presets are perfect for achieving that darker, grainier style. The app is free, but the preset purchases are extra.

VSCO for iPhone | VSCO for Android


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The best photo editing apps

Do you have any favorite apps that you use for photo editing? We’d love to hear which ones and how you use them! Share in the comments below.


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  1. Jamie
    June 27, 2019 / 7:52 am

    So do you use a DSL for most pics or your phone camera? How do you post to insta from a desktop? Thank you!!!

    • tekwani
      July 22, 2019 / 4:15 pm

      Hi there! I mainly use my DSLR but on occasion, I will use my iPhone. I airdrop photos between my Macbook Pro and my iPhone which makes it easy to edit an iPhone photo on a computer or send a finished photo back to my phone. You can only post from your phone to Insta, but using the airdrop feature (or just email the picture to yourself) is the easiest way! Hope this helps!

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