Anniversary Getaway: A Weekend at the Andaz Scottsdale

It’s no secret we’ve become fans of the Andaz properties. Each of them has something different to offer because they’re all lifestyle boutique hotels – and each has characteristics that resonate with its location.

In May, we chose to spend a weekend getaway to celebrate our ten year anniversary (of dating, not married yet!) at the Andaz in Scottsdale. In recent years, Scottsdale has become one of our favorite places to visit. Skylar often travels to the Phoenix area for work, sometimes every other week when he’s busy, and the more we’ve spent there, the more we love it.

For our 10 year anniversary, we planned a romantic weekend getaway in Scottsdale, Arizona and here are all the reasons why The Andaz Scottsdale is the ultimate place to stay if you’re looking for a relaxing and romantic weekend in Scottsdale.

The Weather

May can be known as a hotter month to visit, but since it’s desert heat, it doesn’t feel too bad. And we’re used to those kinds of temperatures since we live in Utah and our peak summer months are about the equivalent of May in Scottsdale. Temperatures averaged in the upper nineties during the day and seventies at night, sometimes cool enough for a light jacket because once the sun goes down, the temperature drops significantly in the desert.

The Rooms

Mid-Century Modern meets the Desert.

Think private casitas, no one above you, no basements below you, walls so sound, and rooms so calming that it feels like no one is nearby, and you’ve found the Andaz. They hosted us in a Saarinen King Room Bungalow, 22A to be specific, and it was so tranquil and calming it made me want to design my home after that style of space.

The layout was wide open and spacious. The bathroom had so much amazing natural light, and attached to the back of the bungalow was a private, walled patio with complete privacy.

Fun fact: I’m born and raised in St. Louis, and there’s a connection between St. Louis and this room. Keep reading to see why!

Whether you’re traveling to Scottsdale in Arizona for a weekend getaway or a bachelorette party, you’ll love staying at The Andaz Scottsdale is a gorgeous boutique hotel experience that I fell hard for!

Arizona home decoration from the Andaz Scottsdale boutique hotel in Arizona.

“World-renown for his designs of Washington Dulles International Airport and St. Louis’ Gateway Arch, Finnish American architect and interior designer Eero Saarinen’s legacy lives on at Andaz Scottsdale in the reproduction of his iconic womb chair found in bungalows bearing his namesake.”

— Andaz Scottsdale

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Food and Drink

During our stay, we ate at the Weft & Warp Art Bar + Kitchen for pretty much all of our meals. For our last breakfast, we had the food delivered to our room so we could enjoy an in-room dining experience, and let’s be real, I wanted to get that breakfast in bed shot (see above!)

The restaurant at the Andaz Scottsdale was our favorite place to dine in Scottsdale. While this post is not a foodies guide to Scottsdale, you’ll definitely love this recommendation!

During lunches, we mainly enjoyed salads, but for dinners, we took advantage of their shared plate options. I know we had way more food than two people should try to eat, but everything was delicious and we ate all of it! The views from Weft are amazing – they overlook the pool and Camelback Mountain.

The Pool

While roaming the property, it always felt pretty quiet. But once we posted up at the pool on Saturday, it was clearly a part. Not entirely Vegas style, but not boring either. Something right in the middle. It was nice to have a more lively experience to balance out the quietness of the resort. My only recommendation to the Andaz… let’s have some really good music playing, a little bit of tropical house perhaps? It doesn’t have to be too intense, but great music can certainly create an environment that just seals the mood!

The pool at the Andaz Scottsdale is a total dream! Staying at this cozy boutique hotel might make you want to forget the list of attractions you planned on visiting during your vacation in Scottsdale, and that’s totally okay!

If you choose to rent a cabana, rent the (RED) one. And if you’re wondering why I recommend it, be sure to read my Andaz Maui post for more details on the Andaz partnership with (RED) aka (ANDAZ)RED.

Palo Verde Spa & Apothecary

We spent our Saturday afternoon at the Palo Verde Spa at the Andaz for massages and a bit of relaxation. It provided for a nice break from the busy pool scene. I had the Himalayan salt stone massage and Skylar had a traditional deep tissue massage. The salt stone massage was relaxing and great if you don’t mind the heat. The stones get very hot! It didn’t provide as much tissue massaging, so if you’re looking for something that works your muscles, the deep tissue is great for that.

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After the massages, we took a dip in the private pool at the spa. There were very few people around so it was a nice transition from the quiet spa before heading back to the main pool.

Tip: If you get a massage with oils, often times they contain citrus which can be harmful when met with sun exposure. So make sure to rinse off in their showers before heading back into the sun.


The Andaz Scottsdale was a solid choice for our anniversary weekend. If you live in one of the surrounding states, two nights is doable, but I’d recommend three if relaxation is your top priority. If you’re traveling from the East coast, plan for at least four nights in Arizona so you can explore more of the Phoenix area, including the Grand Canyon. Be sure to schedule an afternoon at the spa, and plan for a few extra hours to take advantage of spa amenities outside of your treatments.

Thank you kindly to the Andaz Scottsdale for sponsoring my stay. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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