A Weekend in the Bay

A Weekend in the Bay Area

Back in June we spent a short weekend in the Bay Area. It was quick and sweet, but as ex-residents 48 hours is more than plenty for us. We didn't spend much time in the city, instead we spent some time in Danville (where Skylar's family used to live), and we stayed in Sonoma and spent some time driving the coast. 

The drive to the coast.


Below are a few photos from Stinson Beach, a quaint beach town not too far north of San Francisco. 

On our last day we snapped a photos from Skylar's sisters rooftop before flying back to SLC. Such amazing views in Pacific Heights.

I don't really ever want to live back in San Francisco (I lived in the city, in SOMA), but I do love to visit it, especially on beautiful days like the ones pictured here. It's a rarity in June (and really summer for that matter) so see such a clear day, but it's pretty awesome when Karl takes a hike.

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