A Weekend in Manchester

Just a two-hour train from London sits Manchester, England, a city you may know as home to ManU, but there's so much more to this city of 500,000 people beyond football. 

It has charming cafes, eateries to delight, and people so friendly you'll make new friends right away. After exploring the city for a few days, here are some of my must-see stops. If you're planning a trip to England soon, I highly recommend you add Manchester to your list. 

The Refuge

After doing my research on Manchester, this spot easily topped my list of must visit places. Not only is it the most photogenic, but it is very charming. Unfortunately, I didn't make it there until the very end of my trip, as in a quick 5 minute stop while my friend held our Uber outside. Surely when I go back, I plan to spend more time here. Tip: Don't leave it until the end of your trip like me. ;) 

Mackie Mayor

Mackie Mayor is a food hall/market with an array of dining options. From Fish and Chips to Italian you'll find plenty to choose from. Tip: Sit upstairs alongside the railing to you can watch below. 

Northern Quarter

Walk the Northern Quarter and roam aimlessly so you can take in all the pretty facades and charming spots. Don't miss the Deadstock General StoreNorthern Flower, and Evelyn's Cafe Bar

A Weekend in Manchester - NinaTekwani.com

King Street Townhouse Hotel

Stay at the King Street Townhouse Hotel if you want to be in the center of the city with a rooftop pool that provides these amazing views of the Manchester Town Hall. Make sure to have breakfast in their restaurant because the spread will fuel you up for your day. Or you may be so cozy that you may not want to leave. 

NinaTekwani.com - A Weekend in Manchester
A Weekend in Manchester - NinaTekwani.com

Chivas Whisky Blending Class

And cap off the weekend with a whisky blending class at the Chivas Regal pop up at the Loft. One thing I learned, I really like to drink whisky, I'm just not all that great at blending it. I'm going to leave that one to the pros. 

A Weekend in Manchester - NinaTekwani.com

A special thank you to Visit Manchester for inviting and hosting me in their city.