2019 Recap + What’s Next

It’s no doubt, 2019 was a really big year for us. Amidst a lot of the craziness, I took a large (larger than expected) social media break. It was months long, and looking back it was really beneficial. Here’s my recap on the year and what I’m planning after this break!

San Diego, California over Christmas Week

2019 RECAP

The first half of the year was incredibly challenging. Oddly enough, we spent the first six months living in Utah, and the second six months living in Arizona. The move proved to be the most beneficial decision for us. We moved exactly halfway through the year on July 1st. It was such a pivotal point for us!

January + February

+ January and February were a bit of a blur, and basically one month. I dealt with a really bad flare-up from Crohn’s. I was in between transitioning medicines, and it showed me that medicine was necessary for my health.

+ I spent a significant amount of time during both of these months down in Arizona. We had already committed to the idea of moving, and spending time down here was both beneficial as I needed to escape the cold + SLC inversions (they had a really negative impact on my health) and I spent time visiting my 95-year-old medicine woman, Elaine Busse. Yes, you read that right, she’s 95 and knows more about health and wellness than anyone I’ve ever met).


+ Started Humira at the beginning of the month and within 48 hours, noticed a huge difference. I began healing immediately and have felt great ever since.

+ Traveled to Austin SXSW – it was such a great experience.

+ Traveled to San Diego for Social Media Marketing World

+ Continued trips to Arizona

+ Spent the last full week in Rome, Italy for a beautiful floral design workshop with Kiana Underwood of Tulipina Design. I spent three days at the workshop learning new techniques and making new friends, and another three days exploring Rome on my own. I love solo travel, it’s such a great experience. This week was such a game changer for me and really inspirational.


+ Moved on from my job as Director of Social Media at USANA

+ Spent eight days in Arizona, finalizing our decision to move and coming up with an exact plan on how to move in the next few months.


+ Returned from AZ to start planning our move. We spent the entire month of May decluttering our house and getting it ready to list.

+ On May 22nd, we lost our friend Don Cash. He was a good friend to us and Skylar’s former VP at Adobe. Many don’t know, but he was very influential to us and the reason we moved to SLC, to begin with. Without his influence, it’s likely we wouldn’t have moved. I note this here because all Don ever wanted for us was to get married and start a family. I think he played a role in the next so many months of our lives. Don was one of two Americans that lost their lives after summitting Everest this year.

+ On May 29th, I celebrated my 35th birthday. We also listed our house this day and left for a birthday weekend in Los Angeles.


+ We returned from our trip a day early on June 1st to attend Don’s memorial. We also came home to a full day of showings on our home. By evening we had two offers, and an additional one came in later.

+ By June 2nd, our house was under contract. Our buyers wanted a really short close (< 3 weeks) but given that we were moving out of state, we extended it by a week. At this point, we had June to get rid of anything we didn’t want to move with, pack, and get ready to leave the state.

+ June was incredibly stressful with preparing for the move. We sold one car (a large SUV) and got rid of a ridiculous amount of belongings to prepare.

+ Trip to California: We spent a week in California for a floral design workshop I took at the Los Angeles Floral School.

+ Trip to Arizona: I drove one car down to Arizona and flew back. I spent a few days interviewing for jobs in AZ. Nothing that the right fit.

+ Spent the last ten days of the month exhausted and stressed over the move. Found an Airbnb townhouse to rent for the short-term in AZ.

+ Officially left Utah on June 30th. Split the drive and stayed in Las Vegas.


+ Officially moved on July 1, 2019

+ Moved everything from the moving truck to our storage units

+ Adjusted to life in AZ – the first month was challenging with the heat, a temporary space.

+ Began to look for a home to buy. This process took way longer than expected, even though we were so familiar with the area and had been looking for months. I’ll explain this further in another blog post.

+ Traveled back to Utah at the end of the month. It was great to have a few days back with friends, stress-free since the months leading up to our move were hectic. Drove our 4th and last car back down to AZ.

+ Celebrated Skylar’s 34th birthday


+ Continued our home search/adjusting to life in AZ

+ Traveled to NYC to spend five days with my close friend Jackie (@getlostwithjackie).

+ Found out I was pregnant!

+ Traveled to Minnesota – shared the pregnancy news in person with Skylar’s Minnesota family


+ Traveled to St. Louis to celebrate my Mom’s 60th birthday – shared the pregnancy news in person. This was such a treat to be able to tell her on her birthday that she was going to become a Grandma!

+ Went under contract on our new house!

+ Lost our beloved family dog, Lola. She was one of two Yorkies we have (along with Coco). I brought them home when they were seven weeks old back in December 2007.

+ After a few months of freelancing/consulting, I began to explore job opportunities again as I was ready to go back to work in an office setting.


+ Found out we were having a baby BOY!

+ Closed/moved into our new house!

+ Started the second trimester

+ Started my new job at Isagenix as Director of Global Integrated Marketing

+ My parents visited us in our new home and we celebrated Diwali here (it’s the one Hindu holiday I always celebrate each year!)


+ Spent the month working on our new house. I’ll blog on this later but we began transforming the interior of our house since the color palette/style wasn’t exactly what we wanted.

+ Traveled to St. Louis for Thanksgiving


+ Traveled to Las Vegas

+ Continued another month of working on our house

+ Enjoyed a nice ten-day break from work at the end of the month.

+ Celebrated Christmas together, just us 4.5 (Skylar, myself, and our two pups, and baby-to-be), in our house together.


+ Traveled to San Diego, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs to see our close friends and family and share the news with them.

It may not be entirely clear, but the first six months were incredibly difficult. Between the stress of wanting to move, finally being able to plan a move, and selling a home, it was a difficult time. On top of that, I started out the year dealing with the worst flare-up I’ve ever experienced from having Crohn’s. Pair that with work/job stress, and it was one of the toughest six months of my life.

However, the move to Arizona seemed to be so pivotal for us. Even though July was a tough month of adjusting, it was the start of something really good. Once we found out we were having a baby, it seemed as if everything fell into place: our house, my new job, our engagement. Just life in general really.

Social Media Break

I intended to take a break from social media when we moved, however, I didn’t realize it was going to be as long, or as intense, as it ended up being. One of the things I noticed with my personal social media consumption in 2018 and 2019 is that it was draining and time-consuming.

As a travel blogger, at the end of 2018, I remembered thinking I don’t truly feel as if I have a way to differentiate myself. So I went into 2019 wanting to focus more on lifestyle and more ‘real’ moments, not just produced content. With a hectic year, I opted to not let it add additional pressure to my lifestyle.

And once I found out I was pregnant, my goal was to get through the first trimester with as little stress as possible. Since I’m 35 and have Crohn ‘s, I was already at higher risk for a miscarriage than most women, so the goal of reducing stress wasn’t just for personal reasons, it was a health necessity.

By the time I was ready to come back and be more active, I had just moved into a new house, started a new job, and began my second trimester all at once. Even though I was feeling active and healthy, my new house and new corporate role were both very demanding, and have been. And even though I was in a safer space in terms of miscarriage, I knew I still had to be very cautious about adding in extra stress, and ensuring I didn’t do anything to increase my blood pressure. Thus, it resulted in an extended break.

I also have known for a while that travel isn’t my primary goal with social media. I no longer set out to be a travel blogger, nor do I call myself one. I definitely consider myself more of a lifestyle content creator, whatever you want that to be. And I want to get back to sharing things that I am passionate about on both my social media accounts and my blog.

For 2020, I will still incorporate travel, but it will likely become more family-related over time. I will definitely share more home+design, as that’s one of my biggest passions. And you will see a lot of motherhood. I’m so excited for this next phase, and if I’m going to share anything, I want it to be about what I truly love.

I also love branding and my corporate marketing role. I plan to share more of that as well, but likely in more blog and Pinterest content.

If you’ve gotten this far, I truly appreciate your time and dedication. 2020 is going to be quite an adventure, and both Skylar and I are so excited for it!


  1. January 1, 2020 / 4:08 am

    Wow. What a whirlwind of a year. Congrats on making it through some very hectic times, and getting ready to settle down a bit with baby in your wonderful near home. Such a great recount, and here’s to you having the time to relax and bring some life into the world!

    • tekwani
      January 2, 2020 / 12:18 am

      Thank you so much! It was definitely crazier than expected, but it brought so many wonderful things. I’ve never been so excited for a new year, and settling into a new lifestyle!

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