What’s Ahead for 2018!

A look back on 2017…

2017 was a good year, so good that I almost didn’t want it to end in fear that 2018 may not be as good. But I know that’s not the case. 2017 was a product of a lot of hard work, probably more than I expected, but it was one of those years that I started to see that hard work pay off. 

I worked two jobs, balanced a serious relationship/life at home with two dogs, and managed to travel to many wonderful places. But it didn’t come easy. There were definitely many tough days and opportunities that I had to pass on, but the overall outcome was one for the books. 

For those of you who don’t know, I work full-time as the Director of Social Media for USANA Health Sciences in Salt Lake City. USANA is a global vitamin/supplement/wellness company, and I started in this role there back in August 2017. The role itself is a busy job on its own, and it is my number one priority. Travel photography is actually my second job, and I do plan to keep it that way. I learned a few years back that I’m better with routine and structure, and a full-time corporate job helps with that. I love travel photography, but I don’t have any plans to make it a full-time career. For now, it’ll continue to be a part-time job, and I don’t see it being any less busy in 2018. In fact, 2018 will definitely be a busier year. 

2017 was a great year, and I’m really thankful for all the travel I was able to do, the brands I partnered with, and the opportunities that came about. Here are some photo highlights from the past year. 

What’s Ahead for 2018…

On that note, I want to share some of my goals and aspirations for 2018. I see 2018 as being a busier year than last. And last year might have been my busiest year yet. I am really focused on my career in social media, and continuing to grow my travel photography work. I have a better sense of what I want to accomplish this year, so I hope that’ll help me focus a bit more. Even though travel photography is my second job, it’s still a major priority in my life. Ultimately what happens with it is a product of the work and effort I put in. It’s no one else’s job but my own. And no one else is going to create that path for me. 

I’m not one to set resolutions for myself. Rather I set goals. Below is a list of goals I have created so far for 2018 for my travel work. I am sure this list will evolve with time. 

Goals for 2018

  • Blog 3-4x a month
  • Travel to at least 5 new countries
  • Work with 12 new partners this year
  • Do at least 5 speaking engagements (this is for my USANA job, and I have at least 3 already lined up!) 

2018 [bucket] Travel List

  • Bali 
  • South Africa
  • Morocco
  • Austria
  • Banff
  • Kenya
  • Costa Rica
  • Croatia
  • Repeats: Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy 

What’s on your 2018 travel and wish list? I’d love to hear more about your plans this year. Leave a comment below and let me know! 


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