20 Photos That Prove London Is Great Even When It’s Chilly

Thanks to Visit London, I had the chance to visit one of my most traveled to cities in March of this year. It’s no secret that London’s weather can have its ups and downs, and indeed March isn’t known for its spectacular sunny weather. But London was still perfect when paired with a nice warm jacket and here are twenty photos to prove just that!


Saint Aymes

You can start your morning with a unicorn latte (or perhaps just a regular latte) at Saint Aymes. Unfortunately, the Pom isn’t included, but if you’re there long enough you’re bound to see a cute puppy show up.


Covent Garden

You could go for a stroll at Covent Garden. Browse the shops inside, and then make sure to roam the nearby streets. And if you’re into it, there are plenty of photo ops around the area.


Chinatown + Bubble Waffle

You can go to Chinatown and grab a bubble waffle, or some of the most beautiful eclairs you’ll ever see. Need I say more?


And you can have afternoon tea, relax and lounge, or even sleep in 42 stories above London. Some of my favorite hotels include The Landmark and the Shangri-La at the Shard. I was fortunate enough to stay at both during this trip. The Landmark is a Marylebone classic, which brings historic charm and convenience. The Shangri-La is a modern hotel in the sky, and its decor will make you feel like you’re on a high-end cruise ship. It’s really all a matter of preference, you can’t go wrong.

Just Roam

You can roam absolutely aimlessly pretty much anywhere in central London and stumble upon beautiful pubs, restaurants, shops, etc. London is full of eye candy and if you enjoy roaming with a camera in hand, you won’t be disappointed.


No matter what you do, you can’t go wrong. I recommend at least three days – and stay in a central neighborhood or one with easy underground access. And make sure you block off time from the main attractions in London to roam with your camera!

The streets of London are always incredibly photogenic and you should always reserve time from your London itinerary to walk around its streets with your camera! London is full of beautiful buildings, and a great tip for any London itinerary is to drop the map and get lost with a camera in hand!


Getting to London: There are so many airports around London and ways to get into the city center, so check out this London airport guide for more information!



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