Pirate's Cove Beach, Malibu.

I think I discovered my new favorite beach in Malibu this past weekend. It's called Pirate's Cove Beach and it's located on the west side of Point Dume. The water was so blue that I felt like I was in Hawaii. It's located between Zuma/Westward Beach and Point Dume, and is more easily accessed from the Zuma side.

If you're headed there from Point Dume you'll have to climb through a bunch of rocks, but that shouldn't stop you. I went on a Sunday morning and just had a quick stop in to shoot some photography, but my visit was well worth it and I know I'll be back. If you come from the Zuma side and head through Westward beach you can park at the end of the lot and you won't have to walk too far to access the beach, but you'll climb through some rocks but it's much easier to get to from this side.

Do yourself a favor and head there and make sure to bring a camera of sorts.